• Question: hi, id like to ask, what kind of medical department do you specifically do or do you multiple things?

    Asked by keen10tet to Heather on 30 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Heather S

      Heather S answered on 30 Mar 2022:

      hi, so I work on the ambulances – this means we see lots of different things. we might see someone having a diabetic problem, or a heart attack, or a stroke. these people we would take to hospital. then we might see elderly people who have fallen over, we would also take them to hospital if they have been on the floor for a while, or if they have any broken bones or a head injury from their fall.

      We also see people who have had accidents, maybe in a car, or at home. so we do see a whole range of different things, we then have to decide whether they need to go to hospital, or whether it is something the GP can help with.

      but when we take people to hospital in the ambulance we always go in through Accident and Emergency (A&E) so that the medical staff there can see them and decide whether they need to be kept in, and if so, which ward they go on to. hope that helps??