• Question: -what would you do if a patient was presented with persistent symptoms but had no apparent cause behind them?

    Asked by Maariya on 15 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Sally Cuthbert

      Sally Cuthbert answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      It’s always a tricky one. I would try and treat the psychological side so teaching mindfulness and stress management techniques. I would bounce back to the GP to ensure all bases/tests have been covered but I would be going down more of an holistic route of trying to support the patient relaxing. Naturally they are very uptight and stressed with not getting the answers they need. I try and help support a patient cope with managing the way they react to this.

    • Photo: Jamie Hynes

      Jamie Hynes answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      This happens! It’s caused Medically Unexplained Symptoms and it’s really important when faced with this that clinicians focus on the word ‘yet’
      Modern Medicine doesn’t YET have the technology or test that clearly identifies what’s wrong.
      We haven’t YET found the best way to manage these symptoms and help you function better with them, if we’re not YET able to cure them.