• Question: Whats a physcotherapist and how much do they earn a year?

    Asked by EvieS on 15 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Ankish Patel

      Ankish Patel answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      I work as a pharmacist and the average starting salary is around £40,000

    • Photo: Laurence Quirk

      Laurence Quirk answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      This is a good link for understanding psychotherapy. https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/explore-roles/psychological-therapies/roles/psychotherapist. I’m not sure what they earn. Have a look at NHS jobs and see if you can find a job advert

    • Photo: Ruby Shoffa

      Ruby Shoffa answered on 16 Mar 2022:

      Hi Evie,

      Sorry not sure if you asking about a Psychotherapist or a Physiotherapist. The NHS health careers website is useful for this type of information. As a training doctor almost at the end of training, I we earrn 48k per year full-time. Hope it helps 🙂

    • Photo: Tylah Marston

      Tylah Marston answered on 22 Mar 2022:


      Not sure if you mean a Psychotherapist or a Physiotherapist?
      I am a Physiotherapist and there are helpful descriptions of my job role on the NHS Jobs website.

      On entering into a job within the NHS (as a newly-qualified therapist), we are paid approx. £25,000 a year.